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Very quick shipment for your purchases on La Decorrmarmi.com


Our satisfaction is important to us, so we strive to be not only in the ordering of the product on the site faster and reliable as possible, but also in the delivery.

Buy online articles on La Decormarmi  Srl and receive them quickly to your door. In our shop you can buy Manual Abrasives, Articles for marble workers, safety shoes , products for a chisel, marble cleaners, how to clean the mat Marble, how to clean the stained marble.


Expeditions in Italy


We ship throughout Italy within 24/48 hours from receipt of order, serving us by TNT couriers, GLS and BRT. We have invested a lot of time in selecting our logistics partners, to ensure our customers an efficient and reliable service that allows to track the parcel from the time of departure from our warehouse to delivery. Contact us for more information on our delivery service, customer service is at your disposal!


Withdrawal in store


You can choose to purchase a product and pay conveniently online, taking advantage of the favourable reserved promotions and coupons to customers of our e-commerce or to collect your products directly at our store without additional costs it charges. In this case at the time of payment should not be selected “Mark” mode, orders Valet shops and cash on delivery will not be considered and will be cancelled.

We will notify you by email or text message when the products ordered will be available for collection at our shop: The La Decormarmi srl Via S. A. de  Liguori, 187 - 71122 Foggia, Italy 

Tel. +39(0)881.20.45.18 E-mail. [email protected]


Delivery time


Orders received before 12:30 pm are usually dispatched on the afternoon of the same day, those received after  12:30 are shipped the next day. Deliveries are made via ground transportation within the next 24-48 hours(excluding weekends and holidays). In case a problem occurs with the courier during transport and the package does not arrive at your destination within the time limits, please report it promptly, so that we will try to resolve the situation as soon as possible!


Please note: do not contact us before the programmed time limits have elapsed, since the information needed to take appropriate measures, would not be available yet.


More information on delivery


Upon arrival at their destination the carrier requires the person receiving the package a signature for receipt. If the person signing is different from the customer whose name appears in the delivery, the latter remains responsible for the package and any costs that are associated with it. The courier delivery times ranging from approximately 8.30 up to 18:00 and you need to be available in these times, because you can not choose a fixed delivery schedule. If there is no availability in these times you must have stopped filing or seek confirmation at work, relatives, friends, etc.


Before signing the courier receipt, please carefully check if the package is intact and , if it appears damaged  in any way, please write next to your signature damaged or subject to control. If the goods inside the package is damaged, please inform us within 24 hours after receiving the package and we will withdraw and replace the damaged items within the terms of a new delivery. We can NOT accept complaints if the delivery note appears only your signature without further reports.

It can happen that the delivery is delayed for reasons not depending on our will, the Decormarmi Srl assumes no responsibility for such delays if caused by situations that occur after the package has left our warehouse( strikes, snow, blocks, etc.).

If the carrier does not find anyone at the delivery address, it will take care to leave a message with instructions so that you can put directly in touch with his company. If the parcel is returned to us because there has been no contact from you, you will be charged for  the related transport costs


Shipping fees


This shipping costs are calculated by the system taking into account the weight and the overall dimensions of the products purchased and the shipping costs are clearly stated before completing the purchase process.

Weight is one of the main factor that determine the final cost of shipment. But also the volume occupied is important. In the road transport sector it is taken as the standard reference volume weight ratio of 1:300

That is, it assumes that a commodity cubic meter weights 300kg. in the field of air transport the regards ratio is 1:200


Shipping rates are calculated depending on the total actual weight or the total dimensional weight (also called taxable) of all the packages that are part of an expedition.


What is the volumetric weight or taxable? The dimensional weight (or taxable) is obtained by multiplying the volume of the neck( obtainable in turn by multiplying width x length x height) with the ratio weight-expected volume of the contract.


For example, consider a package that weights 15 kg and measure cm. 50x30x60.

12:50 12:30 multiplying x0.60 x we get 0.09 ( the volume of the neck).

Multiplying the volume 0.09 x 300 (weight/ volume ratio considered) we get the chargeable weight of 27 kg.